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Little Extra was originally founded as a film production company and we've written and created loads of award winning short films. We're awfully proud of all of our films and their achievements such as being shown at Cannes Film Festival, shortlisted for Virgin Media Shorts and winning awards at festivals worldwide. We're very passionate about films and it's our primary ambition to continue to write and produce them. On this page, we have some of our completed films and if you click on the Projects tab at the top of the page, you'll be able to see all of our upcoming projects.


Binky is a short film about a man who enjoys talking to people on the phone. It was made as part of a trilogy of ultra short films and has won several awards including Best Film and Best Director at the Zero Budget film festival and has been shown at festivals worldwide. It was also shortlisted for the Virgin Media Shorts competition and was shown on the front page as the Judges choice.

A Decision

A Decision is a film about a reluctant hitman who has a very difficult decision to make. It was shown at Cannes Court Metrage and shortlisted in many other film festivals. It was one of the first films we made at Little Extra and, whilst a little rough around the edges, remains one of our favourites!




Missing is a horror film that we made as part of a competition for the ABC's of Death 2. Although it didn't win, we like to think that we made a very creepy and effective little film. It's about a little girl who returns suddenly after being missing for a while, but things may not be quite as they seem...



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